We have started the deliveries of custom-designed Light Class UASs for our Security Forces

DASAL AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES has started the delivery of their new generation LIGHT CLASS UAS, custom-designed for our Security Forces. DASAL was established on July 2020 upon the decision of ASELSAN and ALTINAY to merge their experiences in the field of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

The SWALLOW Class of UAS has a payload capacity of up to 2 kg, a long flight range and fight time. They are designed to perform solid tasks for our security forces even under harsh weather conditions. Thanks to its overall compact design, the platform stands out with its operational effectiveness and efficiency.

The training of the flight crew took place at the DASAL facilities. The project covered a 2-stage theroretical and practical training completed over 5 days. The project was completed upon the awarding of certificates of competency to the security forces personnel.

The SWALLOW class UAS of the X4-950 concept is designed for rapid tailoring and manufacturing in response to the varying needs of different institutions and organizations. The system is designed by the engineering team with a 10-year experience in designing and manufacturing UAS to cover the needs of diverse organizations and industries, ranging from the detection and monitoring of forest and urban fires, to traffic pursuit and surveillance, detection of agricultural pests, and logistics and marketing. Our team takes pride of having delivered more than 2,000 UASs and having covered 800,000 hours of flight time.For more information:

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